Thursday, November 05, 2009

Been a Long Time

I havent been in here to post since Feb,09. Guess I better get better in posting on my blog. Nothing new going on in my world. Just the same old same every day. I do have new hearing aids. I really enjoy the new hearing aids. I can even hear sounds that I wasn't able to hear before. Beth my daughter is glad that I have them as she doesn't have to repeat in our conversation. I even heard the rain pitter patter Friday night. I can even hear myself pee LOL.

We had a great Halloween Party last Friday night even though it rained. We all came dressed in costumes. I was Maxine, which Beth posted a picture of me dressed like Maxine, wasn't I cute LOL?

Been working on some of my arts. I am in several trades on the net. I am tired of going everyday either to Drs. or PT. I have a torned rotary cuff and have to go to PT to get the movement back in my shoulder and arm. I can not have surgery on it due to my heart. It is so much better and have movement in my shoulder and arm. Next week will be my last week to go to PT.

I did get away over night and a day to see my oldest sister Adelaide who is 89 years old. She is nearly blind. She has a real nice apartment in retirement home. Beth picked me up the next day and we had lunch with my sister in the dining room at the retirement place. They really serve good meals there.

It is a really beautiful day here in Dickson. We have had some rainy cold days. This saturday will be in the 70s. Beth is planning on setting out my tulip bulbs for me. I hope her headaches doesn't start back with her.

I have started an art journal and I am really enjoy working in it. I am also addicted to Zentangles. I take my little sketch book to PT and while hot packs on my shoulder I sketch Zentangles. I am in Facebook and Farmville. I spend a lot of time on my computer and doing art. I guess that is why my brain is functioning so good at my age 80 years old.
Most of people my age does not activate their brains. They just sit and watch TV. If I didnt have this PC and my arts I would go stark raving mad and my brains would be dead(what little brains I have left).

Guess I better get out of here as have to get ready to go to Dr.

Friday, February 13, 2009

The Golden Girl's Birthday!

I just wanted to post a picture of my Sisters and I celebrating our Birthdays! We were all borned in the month of February. My oldest sister was 89 Feb 4th,my other sister was borned Feb10 She is 87 and I am the baby and I was borned Feb.22. My oldest sister son named us Golden Girls several years ago. We are the oldest living ones on both my mother and father side of the family. None of our family has lived as old as we have.We get together real often and we use to play rummy cube and skipbo and have some big fussing going on while playing these games. But after all that is what sisters are for. My oldest sister Adelaide is going blind and we are not able to play anymore games as she can not see the numbers.We just sit and gab about old times in our life and go through her old pictures. She is moving in a retirement apartment Feb 21 and I know it will be a big adjustment for her as she has been living in a beautiful apartment for 17 years. I do hope that she will adjust to the change. My other sister named Doll, she got that name when my mom brought her home and Adelaide said I have a Doll to play with. Doll is 87 and lives alone in a big house and doesnt walk too good but she is sturbon just like all of us Bucks girl and want use a cane. She is still driving to the beauty shop and to her friend house and plays rummy cubes. As for me I will be 80 the 22 of Feb 22 and I feel a 100 years old as I have so many health problems,but I am still young in my heart and on the go sometime. Just wanted to posst a little more about the Golden Girls, Hope you enjoy reading this post and not so boring.

Friday, January 30, 2009

January 30-09

Hi, I haven't posted in here in a long time. I sure hope this year will be a better year healthwise. Last year I had back surgery and congestive heart failure and blood clot in my legs. My husband had five by passes done this past year.

Well I didnt start the new year off again right. Had to go to ER New Year night with my legs. Then this week fell at my sisters house and had to go to DR. Just a bad bruised knee. Thank goodness I didnt have any broken bones in my knee. I know The Good Lord has been watching over us and close to us to bring us out of all of the sickness that we had last year.

My daughter has a blog in here also and she is so good at blogging her pictures and writes in her blog most every day. I am so dumb at this and dont know how to upload pictures. I have a new desk top pc and also a lap top. I really dont care for the Vista soft ware, wish I still had xp. I have tried to scan some pics and they didnt scan. I have also try to download some dics that I saved from my old computer and they want download to the file that I want to go to.

Beth my daughter will be over here tomorrow to help me on this new darn computer. I dont like the new Paint Shop and new Printshop that I had to buy for vista. Oh mercy me guess I am too old to learnLOL. I am in several art groups and love to make cards and atcs. Guess I will just spend time making those and forget about this darn Vista soft ware that is on my new computer. I can do games on it and usually at night that is what I do. So much for my dumbness on the new pc.

I am sick of this cold weather. We have had coldness in the teens and twenties for the past two months. No snow to go with the coldness, just a light dusting one day this week. Beth and I thought we might get it next Monday but now they are saying that we want. I just get up in the morning and look out the window and guess what it is going to do, just like the weather men that are on TV stations LOL.

Guess I will get off of here and eat dinner and then do some art work or play games on pc.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Trying this out

Havent been in here in a long time. Beth showed me how to get back in here. I hope I can do this daarn thing again. I know Beth has kept up posting on what all has happened with me. Today I finished my third nerve block. I really feel like it will help my back pain. Time will tell!!!!!

My husband and his son Robie is leaving for Oklahoma Nov 4th and will be gone for a week. Beth will watch after me at night time, but I am doing fine and I will go and visit my sisters for three days. Beth and I will work some on our banners for Jane swap and we are giving my first granddaughter a baby shower Dec.6 so we will work on invitations for the shower. We plan on covering a five gallen paint can with baby paper and put baby lotions, powder and all of the little stuff that my greatgrand child needs. I have 2 other greatgrand children, but I have never seen one of them to this day as they live in Alabama and not heard from them in several years. I also hame another greatgrand child that I have only seen one time as they also live in Alabams and doesnt come to see me. My granddaughter Emily comes once a month to see me or calls me once a month. So much for that.

Robie my stepson has come to live with us and we really dont know what we would do without him and Beth taking care of us. Robie drives us to doctors, cooks for us and cleans the house and Beth has made our house and flowers outside beds so pretty. She has cooked some and clean my house also. She comes over every afternoon to check on us. Robie is retired and he is a big help to us. I am hoping I will be able to do more after these injections in my back. I am still on a walker and hope that I can go to a cane soon and be able to cook some.

Now I am going to try to upload some of my art pictures. Beth showed me how to do it. Heres hoping that I can do this LOL

Trying again!

Here I am again!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Here I Go Again With My Blog

January 19,2008

I am trying again to write in my blog again. I just dont know how to do different things in my blog. For instant uploading pictures of my arts and how to do a lot of other things that you can do in your blog.

A lot has taken place since I last posted in my blog. We bought a house next door to us and we had to remodel it completely inside. We had all of the rooms painted Bisqui, except the kitchen we had it painted white cabinets. We already had hardwood floors in the den, dining room and halls. We installed hardwood floors in the kitchen and Breakfast room. We had tilted windows installed also. New carpet in both bedrooms and in my art studio we had vinyl that looked like hardwood floors. We already had a brick fireplace in the breakfast room and my dear husband gave me a corner natural gas fireplace. We still have a lot of work to do on the outside but guess we will wait until spring to do that.

Beth my daughter and her husband Dan bought our house that we moved out of. They repainted the den, kitchen and her art studio. It is so nice to have her right next door to me.She also does arts and we will be close to do our arts. We even will cook up meals and exchange the meals. Beth is planning on doing all the yard work this summer. She will plant flowers in her yard and mine since my husband and I arent able to do so. It is great to have your daughter living right next door to you!!!!!

I am sitting and waiting to hear from my Doctor as to when I will have my back surgery. My heart doctor gave me the okay to have it done as my stress test was normal. I hope it will be next week as my back and legs are in bad shape with pain. I cant do much shopping or standing a long period of time.

We had a good Christmas as all of my kids and grandchildren were here for dinner and then we had Santa. We had a good time.

Guess I better get back to making ATCS for the swaps that I am in. I hope to upload some pictures of my house and arts, but may not have enough sense and know how to do it.

Have a good weekend.
Granny Lottie

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I am back from trip to New York

Oh my!! What a fun time I had on my trip to The Big Apple. My friend Jane was a great hostess. We done and saw so much. The first day that we arrived at Janes in Newburgh we had lunch at The Fireside Grill on the shores of the Hudson River and then we walked along the sidewalks on the banks of the river. It was a beautiful walk with all kinds of rose bushes and flowers. Then we went to Jane's house and what a great hostess. We unpack our bags and had a great steak dinner. We done some crafting and look through some of Jane's books of ATCS. She had over a thousands ATCS. To bed we went as we had jet lag and we were tired also as we had to get up at 5 A.M. that morning to be at the airport 2 hrs. before take off. Our flight was great , no terrist thank goodness.

Monday the next day Jane had a great luncheon for us. She had 6 of her friends over for us to meet. All of her friends were crafters of some kind of crafts. We met one of our group member on the internet that does scrapbooks and she had her scrapbooks to show and tell about how she does those books. Also Jane's friend had a beautiful quilt that she showed us that she had made in 3 months time. She also makes beautiful greeting cards. Jane also showed us how to make a pull out card and we made the cards. We all had such a good time and the food was delicious.

Tuesday we got on the train to go into New York City. The train ride was wonderful it rode along the banks of the Hudson River. It took about an hour to get into Grand Central Station. We took a scary cab ride to our Hotel The New Yorker. This was my first time to be in New York city and I couldn't believe all of the traffic and people. So many cabs and the way the cab drivers would drive. I was kind of uneasey riding in the cabs LOL. We arrived at our hotel and had a wonderful suite and a great view from our window in the living room. We could see the Empire state building and all of the other tall buildings and all of the people on the sidewalks. We were on the 24th floor. It was a beautiful site at night time with all of the lights and the Empire all lighted up. We got ready to go to see The Phantom Of The Opera. We took another scarey ride in a cab to it. Oh it was a great show the costumes and musice was wonderful and so colorful. The acting was also great. The Majestic theater was beautiful inside. I wished we had taken our camera to the theater to make pictures of the inside of it but we thought we couldnt take our cameras inside but we could but couldnt make pictures during the show. We had seats four row back from the stage and it was great to be so close to the play. After the play we had a bite to eat and returned to our hotel. A great day in the Big Apple.

Wednesday we had breakfast and off we went on our tour bus to the Empire building. We were searched just like at the airport to enter the Empire building. We went all the way up to the orbervation tower which is 86 floors up. A great view from the tower. We made some great pictures. And of course had to buy some souvenirs. We then went to China Town and Little Italy. China Town is the second largesst China Town to China Town In Californa. We walked and walked the streets of China Town and jewed the markets down on their prices. I bought a watch and other things that we jewed down the prices which we were told to do. We got back to the Hotel and boy I was so tired. We had dinner and rested and then went to bed as we were all so tired.

Thursday we hopped on the tour bus again after a good breakfast and off we went to get on the Ferry to go to Liberty Island to see statue of Libby. It was a beautiful ride on the ferry and a beautiful island. We walked all around the Statue of Liberty and made pictures of the island and our lady Liberty. It was a hot walk and had ice cream to cool off. We bought more souvenirs of the grand lady and the island. We then took the ferry back to the city and boarded the tour bus again. We saw where the towers stood on the awful day of nine eleven. It was so heart breaking to me that I had cold chills. There was a fense full of tiles that children had made in schools all over the world in memory of Nine Eleven vitoms, over a thousand of the tiles that was on the fence. We got off at Central Park and took a carriage ride through the park. All kind of flowers and trees a very beautiful park and the carriage ride was great. By the time we done all of our site seeing it was getting late and we had to get back to the hotel and pick up our luggage to board the train back to Janes house. We got back to her house at nine p.m and her husband met us at the train station. Boy we were so tired we had ice cream and then hit the bed. It had rained that night and a cold front came in and the temperture dropped to 44 . It was really cold and damp and wind blowing hard.

Friday morning we went to Mohonk Castle. Mohonk Castle is a resort on a beautiful mountain. Jane had made reservations for lunch there for a lunch outside on the lake. We had a great meal of barbeque ribs, yams and all kind of salad and vegs and deserts. It was beautiful place with a beautiful hotel like a castle and the flower garden was beautiful with every kind of flowers you could name. Beth hiked up to the top of the mountain and Jane and I sat by the lake as I wasnt able to do the hiking. We left the Castle and went into a little village shops and we shopped until we dropped LOL. We got back to Jane's house and we were so tired that we order a pizza and then we had to pack our bags for Saturdays flight back home. Oh we did hate the thought of having to leave Jane and New York. We had such a wonderful time with Jane and site seeing in New York but we knew the time had come for us to leave.

We left for Nashville at 8:58 A.M. and arrived at 12 in Nashville. Beths husband met us at the airport. We have great memories of our trip to Janes and our days in New York. We will post some pictures of our trip soon in our blogs and we plan on making a scrapbook of our trip. We will always treasure the trip to New York and will never forget it.
Granny Lottie

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

New York Here We Come!!!!!

Well it is about time for Beth and I to go and see Jane in New York. Today is Wednesday June 12th. We will fly out of Nashville June 17th at 6:40 CDT and arrive in Newburgh N.Y. where Jane lives just about hour from the Big Apple. We will arrive in Newburgh at 1:45 EDT. She said she is taking us to the river for lunch. I can hardly wait to get there. I have already started packing my suitcase LOL. I always pack too much clothing that I want wear but I guess that is a woman for you LOL! Jane has really worked hard on plans for Beth and I. She is having a luncheon and craft meeting Monday for us. Then Tuesday we will take the train into N.Y. City. She has already made reservation for us to stay at The Plaza Hotel right across from Madison Square Garden. Ashley her daughter will meet us and that night Jane, Ashley ,Beth and I will go see Phanton of the Opera. Wednesday we will go site seeing and shop. We will take the train back to Janes house on Thursday. Friday we will go and have lunch at The Castle in the woods. Saturday we will fly back to Nashville Boo!Hoo! I will post some pictures in here of our trip to Janes when we get back. I know we are going to have a lot of fun with Jane. She is a very dear friend of ours. I made her a surprise package to take to her. I hope that I can do all of the walking to see the sites. I am taking my walker and my cane. My walker has a seat that lets down and when I need to rest I will just flop down and let Beth and Jane stand LOL. Oh might take turns with them to use my walker seat if they are real good to me, which I know they will help me out a lots. Beth is so good when we go anywhere she always watches after me so I dont fall.

I have really been busy this week trying to get my art swaps out and in the mail. Beth took me Monday to the eye Dr. to get my eyes checked out. I will get new glasses after I come back from N.Y. Monday night I burned the midnight oil so I was able to finish all of my swaps and Round Robin cards. I had 30 R.R to add something to and send them on to someone else. Tuesday I cleaned my art room up. It was a mess trash all on the floor and couldnt see my desk top for all of the brushes,paints, stamps and cardstock. It really looks nice and neat today but my husband said it wouldnt stay that way longLOL!!! It will stay neat until I get back and start on my arts again. Today I cleaned house and been pittling around in here and decided I would write in my blog even if no one ever looks at it. Beth said no one looks at mine because I never go into their blogs. She may have something there as I have been so busy that I havent gone into other blogs.
Sorry about that, hope you will forgive me will try to do better. Tomorrow I go to get my hair fixed, my nails done and a pedicure done on my ugly feet. Friday Beth and I are going to the Funeral home. Our dear close friend in Sassy Stampers a stamping club that we belong to had a massive heart attack and died. She was just 53 yrs. old. She went into the hospital to have a hernia removed and had the heart attack. She was a dear friend and we will miss her so much. I am really worried about her Mom as she is really taking it hard. The family is very close knitted family and such a shock to them. I think Beth posted a picture of her in her blog.

My son is coming in Friday night to stay with Dad while I am gone. I didnt want to leave my hubby by himself as he has real bad dibetes. His blood sugar can drop real low and he goes into a seigure. I had him in the ER a month ago from this. He has had 2 mini strokes and doesnt walk all that great as his balance is off. Robbie his son is so good to come all the way from Oklahoma to stay with him. I have 2 sons and Beth and my hubby has 3 boys. Beth and Robbie helps us out so much, I dont know what we would do without them. Our other children lives in Alabama,Georgia and Oklahoma.

Well guess I have rattled off enough in here and guess it is a boring blog but that is my life except next week I will be kicking up my heels in the Big Apple!!!!!!!!!!!
Granny Lottie